An Entrepreneurship Education Opportunity

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Got this from Doan Winkel (creator of the Experiential Entrepreneurship Exercises Journal), who with Justin Wilcox (of creator of the awesome site) is working on a new curriculum for a very experiential approach to entrepreneurship education. In Doan’s words:

I know you are always on the lookout for ways to better engage your students and make your classroom more realistic. We’ve developed an experiential entrepreneurship curriculum that you might want to preview.  

We are hard at work building a community of over 1,100 entrepreneurship educators who face the same problem of how to teach topics like idea generation, customer interviewing and problem validation in an engaging way. The curriculum we’ve put together does a great job of enabling folks to solve that problem.
Doan and Justin are real trendsetters in entrepreneurship education. Their curriculum deserves a close look. I’ve been really impressed. I encourage you to check out what they’re up to.