Pictures: Unusual products – Baltimore Sun

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Great photos of weird and unusual products.

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Courses | Kauffman FastTrac

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FastTrac was the basis for the feasibility analysis used in ESB (Entrepreneurial Small Business).

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Business Model Archetypes | Neal Cabage

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Organizes the types of businesses you could develop. 3 main types – products, services, trade. 3 overlaps – marketplace, brokerage, subscription. One triple overlap – ecosystem. Original to Cabage.

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This Spanish trio makes socially conscious music under lockdown

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Their songs incorporate a range of genres: from trap to flamenco to pop. Canadian singer Michael Bublé even covered one of their songs.

“They asked us for the rights of that song,” said Stroink of their experience with Bublé’s manager. “And that’s when we realized we didn’t have any of our songs copywritten. They were in this legal gray zone that is Instagram.”

That’s when the group finally registered their songs and hired a manager. It was uncharted territory for them — they had never had to deal with the bureaucracy of the music industry, they said, and they were forced to figure it out in only a few weeks’ time. 

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First grader starts a foundation to feed the homeless | ksdk.com

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6-year-old Paris Williams has delivered more than 700 care packages to the homeless in downtown St. Louis. Now, she starting a toy drive for Christmas

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The Really Big List of Small Business Associations – Small Business Trends

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Includes organizations for entrepreneurs and academics.

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Eloquens – First Best Practices Marketplace (template archive)

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Soiurce for free (and for-fee) templates including specialized spreadsheet templates to restaurants, B2B and B2C businesses, online firms and the like.

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St. Louis StartUp Ecosystem

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Local resource list

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Before they were famous. 15 startup pivot to fame –

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1. Pinterest began as a mobile shopping app called Tote
2. Android pivoted out of being an operating system for cameras
3. Flickr was an online role-playing game as Ludicorp
4. Groupon began as a consumer activist site called The Point
5. Instagram was a copy of Foursquare called Burbn
6. Nokia started out as a wood pulp mill
7. PayPal originated as a way to exchange money via Palm Pilots
8. Rovio made 51 games before Angry Birds.
9. Shopify started as the founders needed an online shopping cart for their snowboard business
10. Slack was an ICQ tool for a startup called Tiny Speck
11. Twitter came out of a failed podcasting business called Odeo
12. Turntable fm was a mobile bar code-scanning startup Stickybits
13. Woot began in 2004 as a way for Matt Ruttledge’s 12-year-old wholesale electronics distributor to clear out unsold inventory
14. Yelp began as an automated system for emailing recommendation requests to friends.
15. YouTube began as a video dating site called Tune In Hook Up

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