Teaching Tips: FlipGrid – The Center for Teaching & Learning

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Ideas and considerations for using FlipGrid as part of your remote teaching

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Falmouth Launchpad with MSc Entrepreneurship | Falmouth University

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Accelerator with funding attached to a free one-year MSc. James Murray current head, founded by Anne Carlisle.

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Financial Model for Consulting Industry | eFinancialModels

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Excel financial model and financial plan templates listed herein relate to business models for professional service firms: Consulting, Accounting, Legal Services, and other professional service firms.

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ExcelDataPro – Free Excel Pro Templates

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Competitor to Eloquens.com. No industry-specific templates, but general ones for free.

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The 21 Best Free Website Builders of 2021: Their Pros & Cons

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Really excellent review with detailed background information.
Table of Contents
Video introduction: our 4 favorite free website builders
Find your favorite with 5 simple questions
21 Free Website Builders: Our Favorites
Free Site Builders: Table
How do I create a free website step by step?
Who really pays for these plans?
What about domain names in free websites?
Can I get free email addresses, too?
Are there any other downsides of free website builders?
What about SEO?
Is it possible to create an online store too?

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60 Minute MVP Instructions – Teaching Entrepreneurship

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Today your team will launch a product! You’ll be creating a “Landing Page” – a simple, single-page website that:

Tells your customers about your product
Displays a video explaining your product
Tests whether people want your product

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Why Do Entrepreneurs Persist against All Odds? | AOM Insights

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“Why do millions of people the world over cling to the belief that they can be successful artists or entrepreneurs, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary?”

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Gjenge Makers – Build Alternatively, Build Affordably,Build Sustainbly

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Nzambi Matee, a Kenyan entrepreneur who founded Gjenge Makers, has figured out how to take waste packaging and waste plastic, combine it with sand, and turn it into bricks that are 5 to 7 times stronger than regular bricks.

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Collection of pitch decks from venture capital funded startups

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130+ pitch decks from lots of VC backed firms.From Alexander Jarvis.

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The Navigator – Where to Play

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The Market Opportunity Navigator is designed to help you get a clear overview of your potential market domains and make confident decisions on where to play next.

To set a promising business strategy, you need to discover your available market opportunities, assess their attractiveness and choose which ones to focus on.

The Market Opportunity Navigator guides you through this 3 step process with a visual, easy to apply framework.
Three dedicated worksheets help you to ask the right questions and make your best choices apparent.

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